Faculty Reflections

This section of my website will focus on my continued development as a tenured faculty member. Opinions and thoughts expressed within this section are mine alone and do not represent any group or organization viewpoints. I felt that having this section will allow me space to respond to issues, concerns, and ideas that come with serving in this professional role. I am fully aware that U.S. higher education institutions need more faculty that represent our ever-changing student enrollments and demographics. Latino male tenured faculty members are few on our campuses.

Occasionally I will add to this section in addition to my blog space found on this site. My thoughts and words reflect what is going through my head at that current moment.

Fall 2020 – A Short Essay About 2020

The following short essay was written for a Time Capsule project curated by my master’s students in HIED 5360 History & Organization of Higher Education. This essay was added to the capsule, along with short essays contributed by my student-scholars.