I Believe Students Are…

I believe students are… the products of what others believe education should be in their lives. Education can empower, but it can also oppress. Students often are not at fault for the educational statistics that are often shared about “low performing” schools or districts.  In higher education, many faculty state that students are “under prepared” or lack the basics skills for learning, especially in writing.  While that is somewhat true, students have been through institutions that are not funded to their fullest extents, are taught to fulfill the wishes of state assessments, and are instructed by individuals who don’t see teaching as a crucial part of a young person’s development.Students are members of our society who need help, who need someone to reach out to them, and most importantly need someone to believe in them and to validate their experiences.

Students always have the ability to gain knowledge as long someone takes time to know their stories they bring into the classroom.

(The above statement was written during a 5-minute writing exercise at the Digital Pedagogy Institute, August 11, 2017 at the University of Mary Washington)