Courses Taught

Below is a list of courses I have taught  at my current institution and at previous institutions where I have worked throughout my higher education career.

Sam Houston State University

COUN 5392     Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling (Master’s)

DVED 7365    Student Noncognitive Development (Doctoral)

EDLD 7331     Leadership Theory and Applications in Higher Education (Doctoral)

EDLD 7336     Educational Leadership Internship (Doctoral)

EDLD 7338     Organizational Behavior and Theory in Education (Doctoral)

HIED 5360      History and Organization of Higher Education (Master’s)

HIED 5361      Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (Master’s)

HIED 5364      Leadership in Education (Master’s)

HIED 5367      Diverse Student Populations (Master’s)

HIED 5370      Career Advising in Higher Education (Master’s)

HIED 5379      Research in Higher Education (Master’s)

HIED 5390      Concepts in Academic Advising (Master’s)

HIED 6360      Student Services in Higher Education (Master’s)

HIED 6372      Practicum in Student Services (Master’s)

HIED 7374      The College Student (Doctoral)

University of St. Thomas-Houston

UNIV 1111      Freshman Symposium: Educating Leaders of Faith and Character (team-taught)

Texas A&M University at Galveston

 CAEN-101       Application of Learning Theories to College Studies

Indiana University

COAS-X113    Groups Student Success Seminar

COAS-X152    Critical Reading and Reasoning

EDUC-U212    Issues in Undergraduate Life: Latino Student Experience in Higher Education

EDUC-U212    Issues in Undergraduate Life: Latina/o Student Leadership

EDUC-U212    Issues in Undergraduate Life: Multiculturalism

EDUC-U546    Diverse Students on the College Campus (Master’s)

EDUC-U548    Student Development Theory & Research (Master’s)